Freshly Brewed For Wellness Within With Nutriwell’s NEW Snow Fungus with Wolfberry

Freshly Brewed to Ensure Wellness Within

The all new revitalising F&N NutriWell Snow Fungus with Wolfberry is a convenient drink that helps with a balanced diet. While traditional Asian brews are popular and consumed at home for their nourishing goodness, our busy lifestyles often hinder us from brewing these drinks. But, we can now enjoy the taste of home-brewed goodness without any wait or fuss with F&N NutriWell Snow Fungus with Wolfberry. Freshly brewed for wellness within, it has 25% less sugar and is certified ‘Healthier Choice’ by the Health Promotion Board. With no added preservatives or colouring, consumers can rest assured of quality ingredients with every pack of F&N NutriWell Snow Fungus with Wolfberry.

One traditional Asian ingredient found in many pantries is the snow fungus, typically called ‘bai mu er’ or ‘yin er’. For generations, based on the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) framework, snow fungus has been highly valued in Asia for its nourishing and hydrating effects, particularly for the lungs (Nutritional Reviews, 1996). Yang Guifei, the famously beautiful concubine during the Tang Dynasty, was said to have attributed the consumption of snow fungus as the reason for her youthful appearance and complexion.

Refreshingly delicious with natural ingredients, F&N NutriWell Snow Fungus with Wolfberry delivers the goodness of carefully selected quality snow fungus and wolfberries to your body. Relish the authentic taste of home-brewed goodness with modern convenience, and nurture your body with the soothing properties of traditional Asian ingredients.