Perfect for Life’s Simple Pleasures

Ömilk is the best option for your plant-based drink to make every sip wholesome and memorable.

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Why ömilk?

From the golden fields directly to your glass, Ömilk is crafted from non-GMO, whole oat grains. We stand proud as a plant-based milk brand, driven by the values of simplicity, comfort, and harnessing nature’s pure goodness. Every sip of Ömilk is creamy and delicious, a luscious velvety texture complemented by natural sweetness.

100% plant-based with no transfat or cholesterol. Ömilk has no added sugar, preservatives, or artificial colouring.

Enjoy Ömilk chilled for refreshing sips or served warm for comforting moments. There is more to love–Ömilk is also barista-approved, ensuring a perfect cuppa right at home, anytime.

No added sugar

No added colourings
and flavourings

cholesterol free

Made with
plant-based ingredients

Ömilk is now closer to your home.

Indulge in pure oat milk bliss with barista-approved Ömilk. Try it today!

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