Our Commitments

Healthier and Delicious Products

F&N will develop more new and innovative products that offer health benefits, great tastes and experiences; products that understand and cater to consumers’ needs at different life stages. We will create product choices that provide our consumers the best of both worlds: products that bring both “Pure Enjoyment” with great taste and “Pure Goodness” with health benefits.

Across our portfolio, we have introduced healthier options for consumers which include reduced sugar, no sugar added, low-fat variants with healthier choice endorsements from the health authorities. We have a large and varied range of Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS)* products.

We affirm our commitment to encourage healthier food choices and to make it easier for consumers to manage their calorie intake while maintaining product taste and quality by pledging to:
• Further grow our Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS)* product portfolio and continue to introduce new HCS products that are both great-tasting and nutritious.
• Display the nutrition information panel on all our products, along with nutritional highlights.

*The Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS) Programme was introduced by Singapore’s Health Promotion Board (HPB) to help consumers make informed food choices. The HCS on packaged food products indicates that they are healthier options.

Find out more at http://www.hpb.gov.sg/HOPPortal/health-article/2780

Responsible Communication

Responsible Communication

Whether through brand communication, advertisements or sharing of nutritional information, we pledge to bring clear and accurate information to our consumers, to help our consumers make informed dietary choices.

• F&N ensures our product packaging design accurately communicates our products’ health attributes to our customers. Packaging design initiatives include the incorporation of energy per serving size, nutrition tips and highlights as well as product endorsements from authorities.
• F&N also includes other nutritional information such as Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA) and nutrient function claims of various nutritional components to educate our consumers on healthy eating.

Promotion of a Healthy Community Lifestyle

Promotion of a Healthy Community Lifestyle

We will leverage on both internal expertise and collaborate with external health and science bodies across the region to conduct rigorous nutritional and life science research to deliver products that can meet consumer needs and evolving trends. F&N will continue to promote and ramp up our support and participation in community health and nutrition activities whether through partnerships with health authorities or with the various regulatory authorities for health-related issues.

• 100PLUS has an established year-round programme to support the dreams and aspirations of our consumers and we are there for them as the hydration partner of choice for the marquee sports events. We also have several on-going initiatives in partnership with Singapore’s Health Promotion Board (HPB) to encourage people to lead healthy and balanced lifestyles. We have held events such as the 100PLUS i-Run, a weekly running group in the Central Business District (CBD) led by professional trainers, and the 100PLUS Fitness @ Work, a weekly aerobic group exercise also held in the CBD.

• F&N is a major partner in HPB’s healthy living programmes. In 2012, we partnered and sponsored numerous HPB initiatives such as:
a. “Bright Smiles Strong Bones” programme where F&N MAGNOLIA reaches out to Primary and Secondary school youth groups to educate students on the goodness of milk.
b. F&N was the sponsor of the annual National Healthy Lifestyle Campaign which was held to help Singaporeans of all ages embrace healthy living and an active lifestyle.

• F&N partners retailers such as NTUC FairPrice, Cold Storage and Sheng Siong to feature and promote HCS products.

• F&N is a strong supporter of the Singapore Sports Council’s aim to transform the nation through sport. We are a sponsor in many of its events, such the Singapore National Games and the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore.

F&N: Healthy Workforce

F&N: Healthy Workforce
F&N Staff at a 100PLUS Sports Event

We will focus on building a strong culture of healthy, active and balanced living for our workforce. We are committed to creating a healthy and enjoyable work environment by implementing initiatives such as corporate sponsorship for sports, forming a nutrition and well-being club, amongst others. Our people will be our testament to healthy living and enjoyment, as well as our health ambassadors.

• As an organisation that supports a large number of sports events, we provide our staff priority passes to many of these events to encourage and support a lifestyle led by physical activity.

• F&N is a strong supporter of the “I Quit Smoking” programme run by HPB. The workplace smoking cessation programme encourages employees to quit smoking and provides educational and support sessions to help employees maintain a sustained smoke-free lifestyle.

• F&N’s contracted canteen caterer serves dishes that are nutritious, great-tasting and halal, ensuring that all staff members enjoy a menu of “Healthier Choice” options.