Recycle and be rewarded – Everyone can be a part of this movement

F&N, FairPrice, Frasers Centrepoint Malls and InconGreen embarked on a joint effort to encourage Singaporeans to adopt an eco-conscious lifestyle by offering them the convenience of recycling used cans and bottles with the help of reverse vending machines.

F&N announced the launch of its recycling programme with the community, consumers and its business partners, FairPrice, Frasers Centrepoint Malls and InconGreen, on 9 January 2018 with the installation of the reverse vending machine at green mall, Waterway Point. Consumers and shoppers joined in the programme to recycle used cans and bottles at their convenience at the reverse vending machine located at the mall. The programme was extended to include two other locations, Frasers Centrepoint Malls’ other green mall, Yew Tee Point and at NTUC in Bukit Merah Central.

This programme was part of F&N’s support of recycling as one of the ways in which the company can contribute towards saving the environment. With the launch of this initiative, F&N reinforced its commitment to play a part in protecting the environment by ensuring that its packaging is environmentally friendly and to encourage and reward consumers to recycle used cans and bottles, at their convenience when they go shopping for their groceries. Reverse vending machines are automated machines which utilise advanced technology to identify, sort, and collect used cans and bottles. To encourage consumers and shoppers to form the green habit of recycling, the machine is designed to retrofit with features which rewards them when they recycle every five used containers

Along with F&N’s efforts in meeting its consumers nutritional and wellness needs with its extensive offerings of products, F&N has also been making concerted effort in protecting the environment by ensuring that its packaging such as cans and bottles are recyclable.