Social ResponsibilityPlaying our part for a sustainable future

F&N recognises that the stability and growth of our business are interconnected with the sustainability of the economies, the natural environment and the communities in which we operate and vice versa. With this foremost in our minds, F&N remains steadfast in conducting our business in an ethical and sustainable manner. As a socially responsible corporate citizen, we appreciate that sustainable development is a dynamic process that enables people to improve their quality of life and realise their potential while protecting and enhancing the earth's support systems.


At F&N, we strive to incorporate best practices in our business for outcomes that will minimise our impact on the natural environment, contribute meaningfully to the local communities and engage our stakeholders in a responsible manner. We believe that all businesses have a responsibility to the communities where they operate. For us, this translates into positive actions that serve to elevate the quality of life of marginalised segments of society in Singapore. Our aim is to touch lives in a way that is meaningful and that helps us integrate into our local communities.


We recognise that, as a manufacturer, our operations have an impact on the environment. Along with increasing awareness of how human activity leaves long-lasting effects on our natural surroundings, we have become more conscious of the need to minimise our environmental footprint.


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