Join us to protect the environment

At F&N, we believe that simple green initiatives and habits can be encouraged and developed successfully over time which will help save the environment and the world we live in. Protecting the environment is not new to F&N. In 2015. The company set a new milestone in joining the global movement to protect Mother Nature with the introduction of F&N MAGNOLIA Forest Stewardship CouncilTM (FSCTM) milk cartons. This certification ensured that the paperboard used in F&N MAGNOLIA milk cartons came from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources where new trees are planted to replace those harvested.

F&N has since extended this initiative to all its fresh, chilled drinks. Making a conscious effort to choose FSCTM cartons supports the conservation of forests and wildlife and help people lead better lives. Much like how F&N has cared for many families across generations, F&N cares for Mother Nature and the future generations by adopting FSCTM cartons for its fresh chilled products. Families learn that there is much more to our everyday choices than meets the eye – they play their part in protecting the environment by buying groceries for the family that can have a direct impact on the environment.