MAGNOLIA High Protein Milk

Grab-n-go a bottle of MAGNOLIA High Protein Milk. 2 bottles a day for your daily protein intake.

Protein in our body is like the engine of a vehicle – indispensable and irreplaceable. The discussion about protein-rich snacks and drinks often draws the connection to bodybuilders or avid gym-goers who are looking to increase their muscle mass. However, protein is a vital macronutrient that everyone requires for growth, repair, and maintenance of the body.

In collaboration with Singapore Sports Institute, an establishment that is committed to supporting and helping athletes perform to their fullest potential, MAGNOLIA has launched a brand new variant, MAGNOLIA High Protein Milk. A delectably nutritive and convenient post-workout beverage for all.

According to, an average Singaporean adult aged between 18 to 49 needs a recommended daily protein intake of approximately 0.8g/kg of body weight1. While professional athletes have a higher protein requirement of 1.0 to 1.6g/kg of body weight2. Three-and-a-half whole raw eggs contain approximately 25g of protein3 which is equivalent to the amount of quality protein in one bottle of MAGNOLIA High Protein Milk.

Based on My Healthy Plate designed by the Health Promotion Board to help Singaporeans adopt healthier eating habits, individuals need to consume about two to three servings of protein per day to achieve the recommended daily protein intake4. Asian diets are typically higher in carbohydrates as compared to Western diets5, hence the process of achieving one’s daily protein requirement could become more of a challenge. However, just two bottles of MAGNOLIA High Protein Milk a day will supplement the daily protein intake we require.

Known as the building blocks of life, protein is crucial for our cells, tissues, organs, muscles, antibodies, and hormones to carry out bodily functions6. It is necessary for repair and building of body tissues, forming of blood cells and antibodies which help fight infections7.

Proteins are made up of many long chains of amino acids and nine out of 20 are essential amino acids. This means that it cannot be synthesised by the body. In other words, they have to come from one’s daily diet.8. With the new MAGNOLIA High Protein Milk that comes in two all-time classic flavours – Vanilla and Chocolate, fulfilling the daily protein requirement will be effortless and enjoyable.

The new invigorating MAGNOLIA High Protein Milk carries the Healthier Choice Symbol accorded by the Health Promotion Board (HPB). The High Protein Milk which is a source of calcium, is low in fat and lactose, and is Halal-certified.

MAGNOLIA High Protein Milk is available at most supermarkets, hypermarkets, and participating retail outlets and e-commerce platforms with a Recommended Selling Price (RSP) of S$4.95 for a 375ml bottle. For more information, please visit


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