Tastes as Good as Fresh Soya Milk

It is a common belief that soya milk sold at hawker centres tastes the freshest, but is that necessarily true?

F&N NUTRISOY’s "Tastes as Good as Fresh Soya Milk" campaign aimed to convert consumers who usually bought their soya milk from hawkers to F&N NUTRISOY, by challenging their taste perceptions that packaged soya milk does not taste as fresh and natural as soya milk bought from hawker stalls.

F&N NUTRISOY partnered MediaCorp YES 933 to visit 4 major neighbourhood hawker centres on Saturday mornings and put F&N NUTRISOY to the freshness taste test.

Consumers were served 2 cups of unbranded soya milk; 1 cup was F&N NUTRISOY, while the other was bought from the hawker centre. They then voted for the freshest-tasting soya milk.

This campaign generated more than 8,000 trials and F&N NUTRISOY emerged as the freshest-tasting soya milk. This on-ground activation was further amplified via radio trailers as well as advertisements on Channel 8 TV.

Nutri Soy

Do you know why F&N NUTRISOY tastes so fresh?

F&N NUTRISOY is extracted from non-genetically modified (GMO) soya beans. The soya milk goes through a pasteurisation process which allows it to have a longer shelf life. Pasteurisation retains the taste and freshness of the soya milk.

Reasons why F&N NUTRISOYis BETTER than hawker stalls' soya milk

  • Uses freshly-extracted non-GMO soya beans
  • Fortified with calcium and vitamin D3
  • Available in varying sweetness levels (Original, Reduced Sugar and No Sugar Added)
  • Conveniently packed in a carton with re-sealable cap
  • Longer shelf life