Chill with F&N SEASONS Ice Passionfruit Green Tea

F&N SEASONS Ice Passionfruit Green Tea

Chill with F&N SEASONS Ice Passionfruit Green Tea
Introducing a New Refreshing Addition to F&N SEASONS' Range of Green Teas

Singapore, May 2014 – Feeling the pressure from life? Or is the perennial hot weather frustrating you? Chill with the new F&N SEASONS Ice Passionfruit Green Tea, for a fruity burst of refreshing goodness!

Brewed in the same attention to quality across all F&N products, the F&N SEASONS green tea range offers the natural goodness of green tea with a fruiti-licious zing for an invigorating beverage wherever you are. The new F&N SEASONS Ice Passionfruit Green Tea promises a light yet invigorating beverage that is sure to perk up your day!

For centuries, green tea brew, known for their benefits, has been a popular beverage in Asian culture. Green tea contains catechins – a potent antioxidant that protects our body from the damages of free radicals.

Captivate your senses with the infusion of exotic passion fruit that gives this brand new F&N SEASONS Ice Passionfruit Green Tea its unique taste and aroma. Native to Central America, the passion fruit has been growing in popularity with Singaporeans whose passion for food embraces the invigorating sweet-and-citrusy flavours of this tropical fruit. The addition of passion fruit into the brew adds a refreshing jolt to the ever popular F&N SEASONS range of teas.

Full-bodied, the invigorating bursts of passion fruit enhances without overwhelming the crisp overtones of the green tea in F&N SEASONS Ice Passionfruit Green Tea. The tea is brewed without the addition of any colouring or added preservatives. F&N SEASONS Ice Passionfruit Green Tea is a delicious complement to any meal and is an uplifting beverage to chill out with anytime during a hectic day. Or simply serve it chilled for a thirst quencher amidst the hot and humid weather!

Regardless how busy life is, there is always time to chill with F&N SEASONS Ice Passionfruit Green Tea. F&N SEASONS Ice Passionfruit Green Tea is now conveniently available at major supermarket/hypermarket, provision/minimarts and convenient stores. Recommended retail selling price for single cans (300ml) is S$0.70 and S$4.05 for a six 300ml-can pack. The 500ml and 1.5 litre PET bottles are also available at S$1.10 and S$1.85 respectively. Prices may vary across retailers.

F&N SEASONS Ice Passionfruit Green Tea


F&N SEASONS continues to be a source of enjoyment for Singaporeans. The brand believes in the wisdom of deriving goodness from natural ingredients and innovatively promotes a boost in well-being for every refreshment need. Consumers are spoilt for choice with a large selection of drinks under F&N SEASONS Tea Beverages and F&N SEASONS Asian Beverages, conveniently packed to provide flavourful thirst-quencher at any time of the day. These beverages are carefully concocted with the trusted assurance unique to F&N.

F&N SEASONS Tea Range is available in six refreshing flavours:

  • F&N SEASONS Ice Passionfruit Green TeaNEW
  • F&N SEASONS Ice Lemon Green Tea
  • F&N SEASONS Jasmine Green Tea
  • F&N SEASONS Ice Lemon Tea
  • F&N SEASONS Ice Peach Tea
  • F&N SEASONS Ice Apple Tea

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