Life is Sweeter with No Sugar

F&N NUTRISOY Omega No Sugar
Singapore has the third most overweight population in Southeast Asia, behind Malaysia and Thailand, according to the World Health Organization.

A recent study shows that each Singaporean consumes about 20 kg of added sugar a year on average, two-thirds of which comes from beverages. This added sugar is a major source of calories which provides no real nutritional value. In fact, excessive sugar intake gives rise to obesity, diabetes and many other health problems.

In recent years, the Singapore Health Promotion Board has stepped up efforts to advocate healthy living such as encouraging consumers to choose products with the Healthier Choice symbol. Coupled with increased affluence and health awareness, Singaporeans have become more conscious of what they consume. Many are switching from carbonated soft drinks to healthier beverages.

In response, beverage manufacturers have been reducing sugar levels in their products and creating products with no added sugar.

As the number 1 fresh soya milk in Singapore, F&N NUTRISOY responded to this trend by creating F&N NUTRISOY Omega No Sugar Added. In 2014, F&N NUTRISOY Omega No Sugar Added was the fastest growing variant in its portfolio, recording double-digit growth. To cater to growing consumer demand, the brand added the 475ml single-serve pack to the F&N NUTRISOY Omega No Sugar Added range in April 2015.

The brand recognises that more Singaporeans have become increasingly accepting of non-sweetened drinks as the government continues to advocate the importance of eating healthy. The roll-out of non-sweetened products also caters to diabetics, which has increased in numbers in Singapore and in the region over the years.

F&N NUTRISOY uses only specially selected non-GMO whole soya beans, with no colourings and preservatives. Soya beans are free of cholesterol, low in saturated fats and contain high quality proteins. Soya products are known to have cholesterol-lowering effects and can help to reduce the risk of developing heart diseases. Go on, indulge in F&N NUTRISOY today.